I offer online English lesson to foreign language professionals. I provide the first lesson free of charge and without obligation. This lesson lasts for about one hour and will take place either on Skype or Zoom. In this lesson, I will determine your English language ability and also your learning needs.

To book this lesson all you have to do is complete the contact form below and supply your email address. Then together we will agree, an online teaching plan to help you develop further and meet your learning goals.

Once we get talking I will supply you with worksheets and exercises tailored to your personal lesson requirements. In addition, I like to set homework to prepare between lessons, and if you work fast and are able to do extra work I will supply additional worksheets and study material between lessons.

If you wish to save on costs you may share a lesson with friends and work colleagues.

Let’s Get Talking

Book your free one-hour online lesson by completing the contact form below. Please be sure to supply your name, email address and a Zoom or Skype Profile.

Pay for your first £30.00 lesson pack here.